Fabulous at Any Size, Shape, or Age

The 50% off sign in the window of New York City Opera Thrift shop on East 22nd Street caught my attention, and I had to go in. As I wandered through the shop and neared the booths for trying on clothes, the curtains of one of the booths drew open, and there stood a woman with carefully coiffed purple hair. She was wearing a sequined purple cocktail dress. The dress fit as if it had been made for her, and she looked ready for a photo shoot in Bazaar or Vogue.

“So what do you think?” she said. I told her she looked fabulous. “It’s for a birthday party. My birthday party. I’m going to be 90.”

“Then you must buy the dress,” I said.

Another shopper walked by. “Wow! You look fabulous!” she said.

“She’s going to wear it to her 90th birthday party,” I said.

“Your 90th birthday! You could have fooled me. You have to wear that dress,” the shopper said.

The soon-to-be nonagenarian smiled. “It’s settled. I’m buying this dress.”

I left the store with a happy heart. How could I not be joyous after seeing a fabulous looking 90-year-old with purple hair wearing a sequined purple cocktail dress? I hoped that when I’m 90 I could look that fabulous and have a great hairstyle and a sequined cocktail dress. And then I thought why should anyone wait to look fabulous? No matter what shape or size or age, one can be fabulous. Whether the dress is from Saks Fifth Avenue or if it’s a Saks Fifth Avenue dress bought on sale in a thrift shop, it doesn’t matter. Be fabulous. Throw your arms wide open and embrace the world and say, “I’m here! I’m ready! I am fabulous!”

Whatever it takes to make you feel on top of the world do it, because when you feel fabulous, nothing can stop you. Not your size, not your weight, not your age, not what happened yesterday or years before. Today is a brand new day. This is the body you were given for today. Revel in it. Don’t wait for you your 90th birthday. Your birthday is today. Be fabulous.